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Pharmsci Drug Delivery


PharmaCircle is the industry leader in providing drug product specific dosage form and dosing information and analysis. PharmaCircle provides due diligence level data on nearly 6,000 drug delivery (DD) technologies and delivery devices in more than 300 DD categories and connects them to pipeline and marketed products using the technology. On the dosage form side details include dosage type by route, excipients and amounts, color and shape, surface area (transdermal), pH and isotonicity, primary packaging and fill volume, and kit components. We also track dosing amounts by unit time, administration volume, injection site, needle type, gauge and size and much, much more. This is all available instantly, online and fully searchable. Can you afford to miss this type of critical data and analysis where poor formulation and delivery decisions can lead to costly delays or failures?

PharmaCircle also provides more than 50 comprehensive reviews covering a broad range of DD technologies and systems, ranging from Oral Amorphous to Ocular Implants to Taste Masking technologies. This is complemented by more than 50 Compare & Contrast tables that permit easy comparison of these scientific and commercial parameters.