Information for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Products & Pipeline

PharmaCircle's Panoramic, Detailed and Flexible search technologies with auto-fill features allow you to quickly select from an exhaustive list of pipeline and product attributes.

PharmaCircle's Panoramic search technology lets you display important product and pipeline information as dynamic charts and tables. Tabs allow you to quickly navigate between different data views.

Product details range from product photos, to formulation, regulatory, business and clinical information.

PharmaCircle's Flexible pipeline and product search module provides the ultimate flexibility in searching and displaying multiple product attributes as interactive tables and 2-D and 3-D charts.

The Panoramic Company search module presents pipeline and product search results in terms of the companies active in a selected indication and by phase or other pipeline and company specific filters.

The information provided in each of the columns can be easily customized by selecting from an exhaustive list of parameters relating to molecule, technology, partnerships, product sales, regulatory, clinical development, dosage form, and more.