Information for Pharmaceutical Professionals

Formulation & Excipients

An industry first; PharmaCircle parses dosage form, delivery device/technology, packaging, excipient and administration details and places them at your fingertips using its proprietary Panoramic search engine technology.

PharmaCircle's formulation specific information includes highly sought out data, such as total dosage form weights for oral solids, the composition of each layer, surface area and amount of drug per patch for transdermals, and the number of sprays for inhalation products.

PharmaCircle provides full excipient list per dosage form type, parsed from the products marketed around the globe.

PharmaCircle provides dosage form types using each excipients per route, parsed from the products marketed around the globe.

PharmaCircle proprietary excipient search engine on FDA's inactive ingredients database lets you uncover data not otherwise searchable. It also connects to product labels containing the excipient.

PharmaCircle's pipeline and product information contains exhaustive details of DD technologies and delivery devices used as well as dosage form and dose administration details for market territories.